About Me

adam schrader is pictured drinking a drink outside

This website is an attempt to actually make money from some of the art Adam Schrader makes on his iPad while dreamfeeding his infant in the middle of the night.

The name Brainbat has been used by Schrader for his commercial enterprises for several years as a branding scheme and to separate from fine art pieces.

Schrader, a "Master of Journalism" according to the University of North Texas, is an award-winning American journalist. He has written for publications including the New York Post, New York Daily News, Dallas Morning News and Griffith Review.

Schrader, who received his first bachelor's degree in music business from Lubbock Christian University, has also released an album of weird avant-garde electronic music under the artist name Arcade Death Malfunction.

He once took an improv acting class and was even cast in school plays if you want to give him a role in a movie or something.

During the pandemic, Schrader was working some dead end tabloid jobs and decided to return to Brooklyn College for another degree -- this time a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. His drawing skills have improved some.

Schrader now lives in Manhattan and has a young daughter who serves as the inspiration for BabyBat.

If you are interested in buying some of Schrader's actual artworks, reach out. He can snag them out of storage for you or make you something new.